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Introduction to the guest speaker in the First Music Industry Forum 2014(I)

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天堂最新版在线网:1.Darren Walters

Darren Walters is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Music Industry Program at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA where he teaches. Marketing and Promotion in the Music Industry, History of the Music Industry, International Recording Business, Cities of Music and Culture: Sao Paulo and is a Senior Project mentor. As the Director of Drexel University’s MAD Dragon Music Group, Mr. Walters leads a conglomerate of faculty led, student run companies, comprised of an award-winning independent record label and complimentary marketing, publishing, management and live enterprises. Mr. Walters is also co-founder of the independent label Jade Tree. In operation for 24 years, Jade Tree has released more than 135 releases from artists such as The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Lifetime, Pedro the Lion, Strike Anywhere, Kid Dynamite and more.

Drexel University, a four-year private college, founded in 1891, is one of the three elites of schools in Philadelphia. It has been named the best American university by U.S. news and world report for five consecutive years, and ranked 89 in 2009. According to the Yale University journal guide, Drexel University Drexel University is famous for "five years" cooperation courses: students have three semesters teaching for ten weeks in the first and fifth year, in the second, third, fourth year, they will study for half a year and work for the rest, during which students can earn about $17000 a year, and can decide on what type of occupation they will have in the future. Drexel university and business community have a long traditional contact, making the curriculum closely combine with the requirements of the employers. Many parts of the undergraduate courses includes practicing in the UK or foreign for a period of time, the five-year is famous for Co - op course, making the school has established the good relationship between education and the students' employment and students have the opportunity to practice in more than 2400 companies and organizations of all united states and 11 countries around the world.  Students have six months every year to participate in the co-op program" during the period of two to four years. So when students graduate, they will have up to 18 months of work time. It develop a school of its own in the global universities.

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Nov.4th 10:00-10:30p.m    A Life in Independent Record Labels: Punk to Professor and the Lessons I Learned.

Nov. 6th 2:00-2:30p.m   Marketing / Disruption: Rebellion in the Digital Age

Utilizing a variety of disruptive distribution techniques, artists are selling their music in the digital age employing a variety of methods.  Struggling for engagement with fans, artists must increasingly rely on savvy marketing tactics to increase visibility for their projects.  Recent releases have illustrated the stark difference between successful implementation and failure, while demonstrating how disruption can be less of a reshaping of the marketplace and more often a marketing maneuver.


Robert Lyons, MBA, BS, is an Executive Professor in the Music Industry Program at the College of Arts Media and Design, Northeastern University, Boston, MA where he teaches and researches the business and innovative aspects of Digital Media.  Before joining Northeastern University in 2012, he was Director of New Media for Radio and TV at WGBH in Boston, a major producer of TV, radio and interactive content for public broadcasting in the US. His professional background also includes radio management, music recording/engineering, live radio broadcast of major music festivals and producing national programs for NPR and Warner/Reprise.

Northeastern university, founded in 1898, is the largest private university, whose type is research university and self-image is navigator of interdisciplinary. It is characterized by Co-op Program, the most successful cooperation educational project, which has been launched for 100 years and will continue to help students prepare for the challenges of the world in the next 100 years. With the combination of classroom teaching, it makes students enter into society before graduation. Students can use up to 18 months of relevant professional practice to instead ordinary classroom teaching and can choose internship site from more than 2000 companies worldwide. Except for liberal arts and science, other undergraduate programs must be finished in five years, because students have one-year practice and work in the industrial and commercial organization. In the survey of computer world, technology MBA in Northeastern University ranks first, the university is proud to call themselves" the primary choice for high-tech industry enterprise managers MBA in New England region ", its main characteristic is to integrate marketing, finance, team cooperation and organization restructuring design closely. In order to be close to practice, Northeastern University cooperates with enterprises of local system and software, financial services, health care and biotechnology, among which there are the world top 500 enterprises and new start-up companies. In addition, Northeastern university is also the home of the "technology entrepreneurship center", which organizes bonus of  $60000 "business plan competition" and other games every year, invites famous business people to give lecture and holds entrepreneurs and students' discussion. Its rich academic activities not only greatly develop the students' field of vision, but also enjoy good fame in Boston areas because of cultivating high-tech entrepreneurs at northeastern university in size only second to the Massachusetts institute of technology.

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Nov. 5th 8:30-10:00pm      Innovation and Big Data in Music Streaming   

This talk will examine techniques of music recommendation in the context of streaming services.

Nov. 6th 2:30-3:00pm          Music Streaming Services, factors for growth.

Professor Lyons will discuss the shift of music to mobile platforms, from ownership to access models, and the underlying business models of streaming services.

He will compare recent experiences in the US and Scandinavia, to suggest common conditions which may hold lessons for other countries.

天堂最新版在线网:3. David Herlihy

DAVID HERLIHY has maintained an intellectual property/new media/entertainment law practice in Newton, Massachusetts since 1993. He is an Associate Academic Specialist at Northeastern University, in the College of Art, Media & Design and the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, where he lectures about copyright law and the entertainment industry, and supervises the University’s student-run record label. David was the lead singer and principal songwriter for O POSITIVE (a Boston-based musical group with full length albums on Epic Records and several independent record labels). David is still active in the recording studio and he occasionally performs live with the band Hey Dave.

Northeastern University:Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education and research. The university offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to degrees through the doctorate in nine colleges and schools at their Boston campus, with graduate campuses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Seattle, Washington. Northeastern's nine colleges and schools offer bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of academic disciplines and professional Music Department, College of Arts, Media and Design Founded in 1925, the Music Department offers a diverse range of programs, from theory and composition to performance and interactive media, taught by a distinguished faculty composed of musicians, industry experts and music practitioners.

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Nov.5th 10:10-11:40   An overview of the Entertainment Industry in the United States.

天堂最新版在线网:Nov.6th am     Next Great Copyright Act

Professor Herlihy’s presentation will address the challenges involved in creating the “Next Great Copyright Act”, an idea raised by Maria A. Pallante, Register of Copyrights of the United States and Director of the U.S Copyright Office in a lecture she delivered at Columbia Law School in March 2013. Professor Herlihy will consider the goals of maintaining an appropriate balance between rights, exceptions, supporting innovation and the public interest as the law continues to be updated.

天堂最新版在线网:4. Ben O’Hara

Benjamin James O'Hara currently holds the position of Head of Music Business (Higher Education) at Box Hill Institute in Melbourne Australia where he recently introduced the first specialist music business masters degree in Australia.

Ben has a broad range of experience in the music industry, having worked in music publishing and licensing as well as event and artist management. He has also been a performer for over 15 years, and runs his own booking agency, Flower Pot Entertainment Productions.

Ben has published 6 music business text books; ‘Copyright, Royalties and Publishing’, ‘Music Event and Festival Management’, ‘Establishing a small music, entertainment or Arts business’, ‘Music Marketing, PR and Image Making’, Artist and Event Management and ‘Budgeting and Bookkeeping for Creative People’. A website www.thebiz.com.auwas also created to accompany the books.

Box Hill Institute was established in 1924 by Australian government that located in the second largest city of Australia—Melbourne, which is one of the largest TAFE colleges in Australia. With its high quality and the level of education, it wins the good reputation, and actively carries out the cooperation in running schools in the international market and governments supported education group to meet the need of globalization of education. It has carried out cooperation with over 20 countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, India and Malaysia. School modernization of teaching methods and training facilities, the use of small class education, the staff having received professional training can provide professional and friendly support for education and teaching. It mainly provides university courses and vocational training to keep pace with The Times, its high quality and diverse courses provide a wide range of learning space for the students to join the tide of global economic integration. Whatever the kinds of students, their time, interests and skills, they can find the courses that they need here among which there are 475 kinds of course projects and 300 types of short courses, covering business, management, tourism and hotel management, construction, engineering, electronics and applied science and the social culture that nearly cover all aspects of the society, culture and economy. Box Hill institute maintains close relations of cooperation with Australia and overseas education institutions, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuxi and other places in China, all have cooperation colleges and universities of Box Hill institute s, which develop practical application ability-oriented higher degree education for Chinese students.

天堂最新版在线网:Lecture Details:

Nov.4th evening 6:30-8:00   Australian Music Industry Introduction

Nov.6th 3:00-3:30p.m      The title of my presentation will be 'The Future of Copyright. What if the system we imagined was better than the system we created

天堂最新版在线网:5. Guy Morrow and (John)Fangjun Li

Guy Morrow is the vice chancellor of the Macquarie University (Australia), PhD supervisor, and founder of the Music Business Unit of study of Macquarie University, and head of the Macquarie University Research Development Grant which is to research career development strategies within the new music industries. Guy is particularly passionate about creativity research: the psychology of creativity, group creativity and managing creativity. His work in these fields has broad applications. For his contributions to these fields, Guy has received Gold and Platinum Awards from ARIA, and a CMC Australian Video of the Year Award. His major works include ‘The Psychology of Musical Creativity: A Case Study of Creative Conflict in a Nashville Studio’, 'Strategic Leadership in China's Music Industry During the second half of the 1990s’, 'The International Music Business: Australian Trajectories and Perspectives' and so on.

(John) Fangjun Li is a professor of musicology of the Macquarie University (Australia),. He graduated from Australia Institute of Music and Wuhan Conservatory of Music, concentrating on arts management, traditional Chinese music theory and piano. He is a music theory teacher at Aria Music School, and a coordinator of Australian-Chinese Music Industry Practice and Research Network. He is particularly passionate about music industry, creative industries, arts management and music cultures. His major works include ‘China's Music Industry Base: A New Model of Music Industry’, ‘A Brief History of China Music Industry’, ‘Mass and Niche: Music Industry and China’s New Music’, ‘China's Music Recorded Music Industry: The Shanghai Perspective’ and so on.

天堂最新版在线网:Lecture Details:

Nov.6th 3:30-4:00p.m   Survey of Australian Music Industry: The Ecological System and Copyright Protection

天堂最新版在线网:6. Gilles Demonet

GilleDemonet is a professor of musicology of the Paris Sorbonne University, and a professor of the French National Center for music research, and a guest professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and one of the founder of the Burletta Theatre of Paris. He is the Head of the Music Management Department of Sorbonne, in charge of international projects with Abu Dhabi, China, and Estonia. He has rich experiences and a lot of academic achievement in the area of music market and economic management in Europe. His major works include ‘The European Music Market’, ‘How to build up an artistic career in Europe’ and so on. His symposiums include ‘To Manage a Concert Hall’, ‘The European Music Market’ and so on.

天堂最新版在线网:Lecture Details:

Nov.6thLive entertainment and strategic touring in Europe

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